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LegUp LandinGear - The Perfect Trike Alternative

LegUp™ on GL1800 LegUp™ Picture #3

LegUp™ will pay the domestic shipping ($50) cost of our system if you buy it online! Here you can tell us the type and year of your bike, make a payment via Paypal or your credit card and save $50. You may also call us at 407-834-5007, and we can handle everything over the phone and you will still save $50.

We use Paypal to accept your payments. Unfortunately, Our interface with Paypal is down at this moment. We are working with Paypal to rectify this matter. You can call us at 407-834-5007 or email us at : INFO , and we will get all your information, apply all the same discounts, and still allow you to use Paypal if you like.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Pricing information is below.

All systems cost $3,500 except Softails which are $3,650. Domestic shipping is free and international shipping rates via DHL are listed in the table below. Thanks for your patience as we repair online ordering!

International Shipping Rates:

Australia $275

Belgium $225

Brazil $400

Canada $60

China $275

Denmark $225

France $225

Germany $225

Holland/Netherlands $225

Ireland $225

Italy $225

Japan $275

Malaysia $250

Norway $240

Philippines $325

Portugal $225

Russian Federation $250

Spain $225

Taiwan $425

United Arab Emirates $300

United Kingdom $225