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LegUp - Available Models


LegUp™ LandinGear - The Perfect Trike Alternative

LegUp™ only fits specific models (below). The system can't just be bolted on to any bike. The frame, height, weight, length; all come into play. We are proud that all of our systems bolt onto their respective models. This is critical to us as don't ever want you to have to cut up your motorcycle for our LegUp™!

LegUp™ LandinGear - The Perfect Trike Alternative When we look at a bike, we have to find out where and how our support system can be mounted. We then create brackets for this support. We make other brackets for the Cylinders, Handlebar Control and Speed Sensor. Once this is complete, we need to test & refine the design. Assuming the design works properly, documentation and production engineering is next. Mechanical drawings, notes, etc. are created and we cut a small run on our in-house Plasma Cutter.

Assuming the parts work perfectly after this small run, we are able to document an installation method and write an Install Manual. Then we send out an order for Laser-Cut parts; WHEW! While all this may seem a bit complicated, it is the only way we can assure the quality that we INSIST upon.

Keep watching these pages! New developments are always found on our 'NEWS' Page. Suggestions are always welcome, so drop us a line at with ideas or questions!


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