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Latest LegUp News !!

Price Increase!


Jan 3, 2023: As we told you in November, it is with much regret that we are forced to raise our prices (big surprise in today's world, right?). We have NEVER increased the price of our systems since we started selling in 2008! The price increase here, covers less than 1/3 the cost of price increases we have incurred. New Generation II systems will now be $3,650, with free shipping (also much more expensive) still offered on domestic sales.

Thanks for your understanding!

Xmas Sale and Price Increase!


Nov 23, 2022: We have good news and bad news! The good news is if you use the promo code 'XMAS', you can save $200 on any systems purchased from today until at least Jan 1, 2023. The bad news is that on or about Jan 1, 2023, we are going to have to raise our prices by $100-$150 per system.

We have been selling LegUp LandinGear systems since 2008 and have never; NEVER raised our prices. We can no longer absorb all the supplier price increases and while we are still negotiating with some of them, a $100 increase is inevitable, while a $150 increase is likely. Just so you know, WE HATE THIS, but the world is screwed up and we won't remain solvent without increasing our margins a bit. In the meantime, if you can take advantage of the Promo code, save yourself the $200 now!

We appreciate our loyal customers, and thank you all for our success. Please have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Delivery Times Pushed Out AGAIN!


UPDATE Jan 24, 2022: Here we go again! While the last time we were short parts, we expected 60-90 day delays, the shortage we have now should increase lead time by only 3 weeks or so. We are promised our parts (overdue by 60 days) by weeks end, but we cannot be sure. Once again, use the promo code 'CHIP' if you wish to order, wait and save $250, and we will process purchases in the order they arrive. This is the silly world of the Pandemic!

Delivery Times Pushed Out!


UPDATE June 21, 2021: You have probably heard of the Global Chip Shortage, due to the pandemic? Well, it has hit close to home. Computers we use for our legUp System that were due in early June are now inot expected to be delivered until the end of August (We Hope). All computers we have in hand are called for and we will be unable to ship new product until the new computers arrive. GM, Ford and Chrysler are having the same fun! Use the promo code 'CHIP' if you wish to order, wait and save $250, and we will process purchases in the order they arrive. We are sorry for this inconveience!

2018 Honda GL1800 Goldwing Update

2018 GL1800 Re-introduced!

UPDATE April 22, 2021: Finally, we have had someone bring us a late model GL1800, so we can improve the ground clearance required to bring this model back to market! We designed legs specifically for this bike that are longer and therefore higher to allow a more agressive lean angle with the wheels up, while still offering great support with the legs deployed.

We are producing the parts required to sell this model and expect that sometime in June 2021, to be ready to ship the 2018-UP GL1800. You can order now, and we will ship as soon as parts are manufactured. Thanks!

2018 Honda GL1800 Goldwing Update

2018 GL1800 Progress

UPDATE September 12, 2019: Because we are constantly working on quality improvements, we are halting production of the 2018-UP GL1800 Models. The system works great, but customers have told us that lean angle is too compromised. Until such time as we get another bike to try to determine if there is any way to bring the width of our system in, we will NOT be selling this model. This is an effort to make sure our products are safe and reliable. Please keep watching!

UPDATE September 1, 2018: We have a donor 2018 Goldwing, and here are the first pictures. It will be about 5 weeks before this is ready for production, but it seems to work well and we are excited about the finished product. Keep Watching!

UPDATE October 1, 2018: We have completed the design and documentation for the 2018 and later GL1800. Productions starts immediately! Thanks for your patience....

2018 Harley Heritage Softail Update

2018 Heritage Softail Done!

UPDATE June 21, 2018: We have a finished the design of the 2018 Heritage models! It will be a few weeks until the production parts will arrive, but we are taking orders as of today. 2018 Heritage Softail Done!

The new bike offered significant challenges, but we have overcome them all and it works great! For more information check out the 2018 Heritage page now.

Thanks for your patience!

Updated - 2018 Donor bikes needed

2018 Heritage Softail

UPDATE June 11, 2018: We have a donor bike for the new 2018 Heritage model (still looking for a GL1800!). We have created a prototype and it works very well. There are many details to be finalized and an install manual and corresponding webpage have to be finalized before we return this bike to the customer in Pennsylvania. Keep Watching!

2018 Brings two major revisions of models we offered the LegUp System for. The Harley Heritage Softail and the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing are completely different from their 2017 Brothers! In order for us to design, test and manufacture new versions for the bikes, we need to get our hands on a copy of each. We have done some preliminary work on a 2018 Softail, but still need a Heritage to finish the design work. 2018 Honda Goldwing We haven't even seen the new Goldwing yet. With this in mind, we are reaching out to anyone who is able to help us. If you have either of these bikes and wish to lend it to us for a week or so, we will be happy to compensate you for the trouble. If you have one of these bikes and need a LegUp, we will discount the system and install significantly if we can use your bike as a design mule.

Thanks for the help!

Indian Roadmaster

Indian Re-introduced

December 8, 2017: Many of you Indian fans have noticed that we no longer listed the Roadmaster in our list of available models. This happened due to a small change to the height of the Roadmaster. Well we got our hands on another one, re-engineered the mounts, and are happy to say that the Indian Roadmaster is back on the list. Visit our Indian Page for more details.

Thanks for your patience!

Harley Floorboard Retrofit Mount

Retrofit Mount Replaces Harley Floorboard Mount

October 20, 2016: Since the advent of the Generation II system, the stock Harley floorboard mounts have been problematic for some people. We have changed our Harley offerings to include a new, stronger mount. Today we have finished our 'Retrofit Mount', which allows existing Harley Touring customers to mount their system to their bikes in the same way our new mounts attach. This system is much stronger than the stock Harley mounts and is available for $275 for those who need it!

We have created a video covering the install that can be seen below. You may also like to view the install document which can be found HERE .

New Speed Sensor Bracket For Cush Drive

New Speed Sensor Bracket For Cush Drive

June 25, 2016: In recent weeks, we have had a few customers who have had an overheating problem with their speed (proximity) sensors (Harley Cush Drive Only!). This is not a good situation as the problem allows the wheels to deploy at any speed!

New Speed Sensor Bracket For Cush Drive

We have used the same bracket for years, but we believe the new ABS brakes are just getting hotter and hotter. We redesigned the bracket so it is more toward the outside of the rotor and it gets more breeze to keep the sensor cool. So far it has worked great!

If you are having a similar problem in the summer heat, Please contact us at 407-834-5007, and we will get a new piece out to you at no charge. Have a look at the INSTALL Instructions to see how easy it is to change.

New Harley Mount

New Mount for Harley Touring

June 15, 2016: One nagging problem Harley users have had has been the Harley Floorboard mounts that we have attached our system to. New Mount for Harley Touring Sometimes these mount could lean forward or back, or even bend under pressure. Good news! After a year of development, we have a new design that allows us to attach to Harley Touring bikes with a STOUT mount that attaches to the bike with two bolts (rather than the one bolt on the Harley part). Our design is also much stronger than the original cast part from the Motor Co.

Rather than clamp to the existing mount, our new design bolts to the bike, and our legs bolts to the new mount!

As of this date, all new Harley systems will ship with this mount, which allows you to move your floorboards from your original mounts to this one. If you have a bike without rear floorboards (Street Glides, FL Lows), we can supply you with them.

Keep watching as we are designing a retro-fit mount for all Existing Harley Touring Customers!

Indian Roadmaster

Gen II - Indian Roadmaster

January 15, 2016: As of this date, we have completed the Indian project. The system looks and works great. For more information, pictures and video, HERE for the Roadmaster page.

December 24, 2015: You Indian owners are getting a Christmas present, thanks to a customer in Texas. Peter was nice enough to drop off his Indian Roadmaster and we started developing the parts to make the GEN II fit! Gen II - Indian Roadmaster Thankfully, the rear floorboard mounts are stout on this bike, and we quickly came up with a way to use them to mount the legs. What you see here are prototypes, but the production pieces will be similar. We now need to design a compressor system to fit in the bags, a speed sensor bracket, engineering drawings, documentation; whew!

We should be done by the end of January. Keep Watching!

Yamaha Royalstar Generation II

Gen II - Royalstar

October 20, 2015: The Royalstar system is complete, tested and documented! Please check out the ROYALSTAR page for more information and pictures.

October 5, 2015: Next up; Yamaha Royalstar models. Based on our research, it seems Yamaha has left this Gen II - Royalstar bike untouched from 1999 to present. We were able to use the rear footpeg mounts to attach our system to this big, heavy bike. We have tons of work and documentation to do, but expect that sometime in November, we should be able to supply this system to Royalstar riders who need a LegUp! Keep watching!

Harley Heritage Softail Generation II

Gen II - Heritage Softail

August 15, 2015: Our Heritage Softail Product is done and ready for sale! This effort represents quite a bit of time and engineering, but we are very happy with the results. The Gen II - Heritage Softail system for Heritage Softails costs $3,750 because of the extra engineering and the included chrome passenger floorboards. I think for those who need help with their Softails, the small amount extra will be worth it. Because of how much lighter the Heritage is compared to other bike we make our GEN II system for, we found that the bike was VERY stable with the wheels down. Check out our Heritage Softail page for more info, pictures and a short video of the system in action on the bike you see here. Thanks!!!

Harley Heritage Softail GenII Status

Gen II - Heritage Softail

July 16, 2015: I know these pictures don't look like much, but they represent a ton of work and they are the first steps in developing a GEN II Gen II - Heritage Softail system for Heritage Softails. Softails pose a unique problem because they don't have floorboards like the bigger bikes. After months of bad ideas, we have found a way to attach a GEN II setup to a Softail peg mount. We also came up with a way to then mount Touring Style floorboards for the passenger. We have tons of work to do, and we have this donor bike driven down to us from Canada by Karen and Maria, so we can iron out the details. Keep watching because in the next few months, the GEN II system will be available for Heritage Softails; answering the strongest demand we have for new models!

Phil Howard's BMW K1600 GT

Gen II - Special Project

May 27, 2015: Here are a few shots of Phil Howard's BMW K1600 GT. Phil trucked this in from Louisiana so we can make a custom system for his bike. Gen II - Special Project This is a great machine, but it is VERY high. We had to find some attachment points, create most every piece from scratch, but when it was done, the system worked great!

Generation I System Discontinued

Gen II - Showing Off

January 28, 2015: As of this day, we have discontinued our Generation I systems. When GEN I was all we had, it was easy for us to maintain production of our designs for a number of lower volume models. With the advent of GEN II, it has become cost-prohibitive to continue to offer these systems for sale. As time goes on, we expect to develop Generation II systems for some of these models, but as of today, Generation I, which served so many for so long, has been retired!

Fox 35 News Report

October, 2014: Just before Thanksgiving 2014, our local Fox affiliate, Fox 35 News gave us a call and did a great little piece about LegUp! The cameraman was unbelievable as he worked hard for many shots. Tom Johnson, the feature reporter, asked a million questions and together they did a fantastic job. Our thanks to both of them and to Fox 35 News!

Kawasaki Voyager 1700 GEN II Prototype

Gen II - Kaw 1700 Gen II - Kaw 1700

September, 2014: The Kawasaki Voyager 1700 GEN II is in prototyping. We have all the mounts and the compressor system designed and working very well.

We had a GEN I system for this bike a few years ago, but as big as it is, we were not as pleased with its' performance as we wished we were. The Gen II system is just what this big cruiser needed! We are making production parts now and will be creating manuals and engineering drawings. The system should be released for the big Kawasaki by Thanksgiving!

As of October 15, this design is Done! Click KAW 1700 to find out all about the GEN II system for the Kawasaki 1700.

Honda GL1500 Generation II

Gen II - Showing Off Gen II - GL1500

July, 2014: The Gl1500 GEN II is done and we are shipping the first units to those customers that have waited patiently for it!

The system works great and is far more stable on this big bike than our first generation system.

The GL1500 page has many more details about this system.

Honda GL1800 Generation II

Gen II - GL1500

June, 2014: Now that the GEN II system is up and running, we have started adding bikes. The GL1800 is done so the next candidate is the GL1500 Gold Wing. Gen II - GL1500 Thankfully, the mount points, while not exactly the same, are very similar between the GL1500 and its older brother the GL1800. This helped us reduce the design time. We have everything working right now, and all we have left is documenting and getting parts produced. Keep watching as this will be available REAL soon!

Generation II

Gen II - 2014 FL Gen II - Straight Up!

March, 2014: After over two years of development, Chopper Design is happy to announce the release of our 'Generation II' System! Since the introduction of our original system in 2009, we have been asked by many riders if we could design something that helps even more than the original LegUp™ system does. It was a difficult request, but we took it very seriously.

We knew we had to find a way to keep our narrow profile, but to bring our support somewhere between our original design capabilities and a trike! Our Plus! system approached these capabilities, but the electrical actuator was a limiting factor and could only hold so much weight!

Compressor Tucked Away Neatly!

We decided to try AIR! As you can see in the first picture, we created individual legs that mount below the rear floorboards, and we actuate those legs with 125PSI of air pressure supplied by an onboard compressor and valve system. The result is as close to a trike feel with the legs down as it can be with a system that remains about 2 feet wide!

'Generation II' is not for everyone. When deployed. the bike MUST be steered with the bars! No leaning as our GEN I system allows; but if more help is what you need, and you take the time to learn the GEN II system, this might be the ticket!

Watch the video below to learn more about this unique new advancement in Motorcycle Stabilization!

Yamaha R1 request

Yamaha R1 Yamaha R1

Just when you think you have seen it all, we get a request to help out a gentleman with the Yamaha R1 You see here! We have NEVER touched a sport bike and this one posed a number of unique challenges! The only place we could find to mount something for our actuators, was under the seat. There are four bolts that hold the rear pegs on and we used these and created a mount for the 2" Square stock that runs down to DUAL actuators (another thing we have never done before!)

We were afraid we would have had to cut up the body work, but instead fabricated mount points on the foot pegs, and lateral links in two spots to support the legs! We Created a set of Plus! Legs. We did this because the owner (Mario) has no use of his legs. The Plus! Legs and the dual Actuators for added strength is what he is going to need to be safe. We created a Video to show you how it works below.

Patent Granted

LegUp™ is Patented! Adobe Reader

Finally, after 3 years, the Federal Government has seen fit to issue U.S. Patent Number: 8,235,419 B1 for the LegUp™ LandinGear System! This was quite a lesson for us, delving into the bureaucracy that is D.C. I am sure you would not be surprised to find out that this process was painful and expensive!

We would like to thank our friend Norm Nixon, Esq. for all his help. If you would like to read the patent document, click PATENT or the logo to the right.



In an effort to improve our quality and production speed, Chopper Design has added this Torchmate 2X2 CNC Plasma Cutter to our tool arsenal. Typically, when designing new or improving existing parts, we would fabricate pieces by hand, put them into engineering software on a computer, and make another set by hand from those drawings. This system lent itself to inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

Now we have a computer based cutting system that can take our engineering drawings, cut them in steel VERY quickly, and allow us to check designs and tolerances, before we get parts produced for us on a laser-based system. We can also use this system to quickly produce parts we may be out of stock on, which reduces customer delivery times.

For those that don't know what a plasma cutter is, it is a system that turns electricity and compressed air into a high temperature metal knife. The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) guides the knife with significant accuracy! If you have never seen one in action, you are in for a treat! Click on the picture to the right to watch a short video demonstration.

Paypal Credit

If you are one of the folks thinking about getting a LegUp™ system, but coming up with the full amount at one time is a problem, we may have the solution for you!

'Bill Me Later', a PayPal company, offers you the ability to pay for purchases such as a LegUp™ over time. You have to fill out a form (Which you can do by clicking on the logo at left) and if approved, you can buy your system through our Save $50 page, and when you get to the PayPal site, the 'Bill Me Later' option will appear!

This may not be the right choice for everyone, but we are happy to offer it for those who can use the help. Thanks!

Design World

We had a nice surprise today. The folks at Design World Magazine not only did an article about us and the project we did for Justin Rokohl, but they put together a video about it as well! Click on the picture below to watch the video!


Thanks !!!
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